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We would be more than happy to brand your business. We offer a wide range of different logo options.

Non-Exclusive List of Services

Brand Development

We offer a range of different logo options for you to choose from.


Custom Logos

The price range for a custom logo is $23/hr - $68/hr (billed hourly).


The basic difference is the number of initial concepts designed for your review: 1, 3, or 5.


Basic Logo Design (1 concept, 3 revisions): $23/hr

Intermediate Logo Design (3 concepts, 3 revisions): $43/hr

Deluxe Logo Design (5 concepts, unlimited revisions): $68/hr


Additional revisions beyond the 3 included in the basic and intermediate are $35/per round of revisions ("round" meaning a list.) You may choose to later upgrade from the basic to intermediate or deluxe, or from intermediate to deluxe.


After a purchase is made, each custom logo design process begins with a logo questionnaire where necessary information is gathered about your company, goals, and ideas for the project.


The turnaround time for custom logo design is scheduled 4 weeks from purchase date for the initial concept(s) for logo design. If 4 weeks doesn't work with your timeline, we do offer a rush fee of $35 to receive first concept(s) in 1 week from date of purchase.


*Marketing Collateral:

Postcard Design

Letterhead Design

Brochure Design

Thank You Card Design

Envelope Design

Business Card Design


*All marketing collateral - $44/hr


about me

HI! I'm Jeremy Willuhn, a freelancer graphic designer!

Jeremy began Chewy Designs™ in 2003 after graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) when he chose to venture out on his own and make Chewy Designs™ a full time gig.



Please read through all Chewy Designs policies thoroughly. Each client is responsible for being aware of these policies and following Chewy Designs protocol. When a purchase is made, the buyer is accepting the terms and conditions as set forth by Chewy Designs.



Chewy Designs accepts Paypal, and cheques.


**Cheques are payable in person only.



Shipping is completely dependent on the individual item. Since most items are delivered as digital files, shipping is not an issue. However, for anything else, please discuss shipping upfront before making a purchase.


Additional Policies and FAQs

It is the client's responsibility to read through all items listed under Chewy Designs policies. When a purchase is made, you are agreeing the terms and should follow protocol as written below.


Turnaround Time:



The length of time it takes to complete a project depends on the scope of work being requested and the current work already scheduled. Projects can be completed in at little as a few weeks and as long as several months. Please contact directly for a custom quote and project time estimate.


Please remember that Chewy Designs is a one-man show and I do my absolute best to work as quickly as possible, but do have a fairly high demand.


Reviewing Design Concept(s):

Once design concept(s) have been submitted to the client, a response with edit requests or approval is required within 3 business days. Responses received after 3 business days may delay the editing/design refining process as other jobs will be scheduled.


Content and Contact:

Clients purchasing commissioned business collateral projects must have content prepared. All components should be submitted to me within 30 days of when the purchase is made. The client will supply all written content and all images. if contact is not made within 30 days, the purchase expires the contract is null and void and the buyer is required to pay for services rendered. If during the design process, the client does not respond to correspondence by Chewy Designs, fails to answer questions or submit content for a project for 30 days or more, the purchase expires, contract is null and void and the buyer is required to pay for services rendered.


Image Licensing:

It is the client's duty to secure proper licensing for image reproduction submitted to Chewy Designs, if necessary.


Responsibility to Proof:

It is the client's responsibility to proof all content before submission as well as any file (draft, proof or final) sent by me. If final files have been sent and an error is found or a change is necessary, a flat rate of $35 will be applied.


Edits/Revisions/Design Requests:

Each specification for a design project should be written out in a numbered, itemized list. Corrections should also be formatted this way.


Each commissioned design piece is allowed 2 rounds of edits unless otherwise noted. Any additional round of edits will require further invoicing depending on the amount of time required. The additional edit is typically a flat rate of $35/hr (billed hourly). If the edit involves extensive work, the fee may be higher.


Corrections vs New Direction:

The client is responsible for making sure I have all content and explained the visual direction for a project before I begin designing by answering my questionnaire. If the client decides to take a new direction after the initial design phase has begun, an additional 50-100% of the original price will be applied, depending on the request. Different visual direction is unfortunately not be accepted as a correction. Different visual direction would mean requesting a new concept or illustration.


All answers given in response to a Chewy Designs questionnaire determine the direction of your project. Think of your answers as a contract. Once I receive the questionnaire responses from you, I consider this your formal request for design. If after my initial concepts you decide you'd like to go another direction with the design (i.e. a different illustration or concept), that is certainly okay but just be aware that you will incur additional fees. The pricing of additional concepts will be determined by the original package you purchase.


Chewy Designs Portfolio:

All custom design projects may be showcased in my portfolio. If for some reason you would prefer for your project to remain confidential, please discuss this with me.


Final Files:

Any design project is complete once I have customer approval and final files have been sent. Minor changes after final files have been sent are a flat rate of $35/hr (billed hourly). If I deem changes as greater than what I would categorize as minor, the price to edit may be higher. Please email me at chewydesigns [at] hotmail.ca so that I may post a custom listing for you or send a paypal invoice if you need a change order.


Resubmission of Files:

Resubmission of final files is completely possible if your hard drive crashes or you simply can't find them (I try to keep absolutely everything). A flat rate of $20/hr (billed hourly) will be applied for resubmission of final files.

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